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Texas Tap Company was formed by David Parkhurst II and Daniel Parkhurst in the summer of 2020. My youngest son Daniel graduated from the Rawls School of Business in May 2020 right during the height of the Pandemic. Both sons came up with the idea of starting a mobile beer truck business and Texas Tap Company was born with the purchase of Green Eileen (1953 Chevy 3100, all original). Purchased Scarlet (2nd 1953 Chevy truck in 2021) and business has been growing ever since. 

meet the founders

David Parkhurst


David is applying everything he learned in college to Texas Tap Co., which really means, David knows how to throw one hell of a party.

Daniel Parkhurst

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The life of the party. Daniel has jokes; some are hilarious and some hurt your IQ.  But seriously, I dare you to not laugh while talking with this guy.

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